HTML Component for Adobe™ Flex™

The HTML Component allows you to display HTML in your Flex application. Add the component to the stage in Flex Builder and specify the source URL or HTML content and the component displays your HTML.

- Extends the Adobe’s™ UIComponent class (no need to relearn a new system)
- Display and embed URLs in your application*
- Display HTML pages in your application*
- Display HTML markup in your application*
- Display PDF’s inline in your application*
- Display Rich Text Editors in your applications*
- Automatically resize the component to the height of the HTML content*
- Prompt user when a page tries to unload it
- Supports FCKEditor editor*
- Supports Xinha editor*
- Supports States
- Supports Databinding
- Supports Styles
- Customizable function to handle unsupported browsers
- Show, hide, move and size
- Display HTML skinnable pop up windows in your application with layering (experimental)*
- New HTML Alert class
- Plus more...

Live Examples:

Price: $149

Price with Source: $249

Comes complete with documentation, technical support and example projects.

* HTML content is rendered by the browser using a div or iframe
** Please test the examples linked above first in your target browsers before purchase

Current Version: 4.2.2

change log

Works with Adobe Flex Builder 2, 3, and Flash Builder 4

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HTML Component using source property
Drag and drop

mxml code

HTML Component using htmlText property
Using the context menu

Rename item

Component Properties
Component Inspector
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